8 Ingenious tricks on how to make a small living space seem bigger

Living in a small space? Nothing to worry about, even a really small living room can feel bigger and ideal for storage with the right deco illusions. So, here are our eight favorite tips on how to transform a small living space into one that feels bigger and dreamier:

1. Pick short furniture

Shorter furniture gives the great illusion of a higher ceiling and a higher ceiling means a bigger room that you will adore. So go for small pieces of furniture, coffee table, couch, ottoman, everything that will make your ceiling feel higher.

2. Go as high as you ceiling

Shelves can go everywhere, even on top of door, and storing everything higher and higher will help you gain the space you need. Pick a high library, a high shelf for decorative objects and store objects up rather than down: lamps, frames, books, magazines.

3. Transparency is always a key

A plexiglass or transparent object such as a dining table, a shelf or a coffee table will give any object the illusion of floating in thin air. So, in this way your whole space will seem less cluttered.

plexi glass table

4. No more sofas

Replace the regular or sectional sofas with an armchair or a designer chair that look pretty and save a lot of space. You can also place them around the room and not need a huge space for sitting (like in case of a normal sofa).

tiny chairs

5. Double purpose

Use an extensible table in your dining area or chests or ottomans as a coffee table. Everything that has a double meaning or its functional, it’s perfect for a small space.

6. Use a wall desk instead of a regular office

Use a large shelf mounted din your wall as a chic desk. You will save a lot of space and you will see that you can use the floor to store a lot of stuff. This solution from Apartment Therapy is super dreamy.


7. The curtain effect

Long and elegant curtains will make your home chic and really tall, especially if you have an apartment with long windows.

8. Don’t forget about mirrors

From small mirrors with beautiful frames to big minimal mirrors, place these practical items everywhere and you will see that your space will look bigger, especially when paired with white walls and neutral furniture.

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