7 Dreamy wall colors that will help you reduce stress

Stress, a common problem faced almost every day by many of us. But, when we get home we want to find peace and a stress free environment so we thought about seven dreamy shades for your walls that will help you feel more relaxed in your own place:

1. Soft blue

The first rank for a calm and relaxing wall color goes to the gorgeous Soft blue. Making us think of the beautiful sky or a calm sea or lake, this beautiful color will bring peace into your apartment. Pick it for the living room of your vacation home, in a bohemian bedroom, a cool kitchen space or next to your favorite bathroom nook.

2. Beige           

If you’re looking for a warm color that also helps you reduce stress, beige is the perfect shade for you. It’s great for your kitchen and living room and you will love it more next to neutral furniture.

3. Pale grey

Another neutral, pale grey is that super cool shade that also brings a relaxing vibe  into a room. You also don’t get tired to fast of it and it’s easy to look at for hours and hours. Moreover, it looks great paired with dusty shades of blue and pink and it’s great for any room, especially your bedroom.

4. Lavender

While, purple is too much for the walls of your home, lavender is that gentle shade you can add in a calm space and a girly room. It’s super calming and can also be great for your bathroom or living room.

5. The sea colors

Think of the beautiful sea waves and make a calming paint layer using beautiful blue and green shades, mixed with white. You will have the sea in your home and also a great combo for your bedroom or living room walls.

6. Medium grey

Not too dark, or soft, medium grey is another great relaxing shade. It’s also really elegant and can be perfect for a bachelor pad. Also, it works great on a modern or traditional room.

7. Dusty pink

Sweet, soft and relaxing, this shade will conquer your heart and make your day greater and free of stress. Pick it for any room, even for your dreamy kitchen and you will love the result.

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