6 Splendid grey kitchens to dream about

Looking for the perfect neutral kitchen to dream about and never get bored with? Well, grey is the solution for you if you love a calm vibe in this room and a stylish note that will set the cooking mood. Here are six dreamy grey kitchens to be inspired by:


1. Minimal all the way

Math your grey kitchen cabinets with some dreamy grey marble and you will have a dreamy design especially if you pick minimal pieces. Also, you can add an eclectic twist to it by placing a unique sculpture and some big green trees in the space.

2. Grey and gold

Mix grey with beautiful golden details and you will have a stylish kitchen to entertain guests in. Add also stylish prints such as plates with dots and exotic plants to bring more style into the space.

3. Grey and the other neutrals

You will see how great grey blends in with the stylish beige and the dreamy wooden decor pieces. So, match your grey cabinet with a wooden chair and some wooden kitchen utensils and you will have a very chic kitchen space.

4. The wow factor

Make a grey kitchen really special by adding a dreamy chandelier that goes great with this color. Also, to emphasize on the eclectic vibe of the space add an ethno rug that blends great into this kind of room. So dreamy, right?

5. Simple, yet cool

Pick simple cabinets for a great minimal design in a cool kitchen that will stand out in your home. Math it with a stylish dining space with elegant chairs and white flowers.

6. The bar counter

All the new modern kitchens have now a great and very stylish bar counter. For your grey kitchen pick wooden stools and decorate this dreamy space with fruits, tree branches and some cool minimal lamps.

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  1. Color schemes really help to create a pleasing environment and using neutral color like grey is really the best option. Thanks for sharing such great interiors, really inspiring.