4 Simple Kitchen Design Tips to Keep Things Looking Luxurious

Every year, homeowners in spend thousands of dollars on kitchen renovations.

In fact, this is the part of the house where we invest the most money and time. It makes sense because it can be a very communal space. Whether you have a family or just like to bring friends round for dinner, the kitchen is an area which lends itself well to memory making.

So, it’s worth creating an environment which fits your needs and never fails to make you smile. The good news is that transforming a kitchen is a lot easier than you think. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. There are plenty of clever design tips and tricks which cost little but have a big visual impact.

Keep reading for some great ideas on the best ways to reinvigorate your kitchen and spruce up your cooking space.

 Hire a Consultant

These days, hiring a design expert is more affordable than ever. It’s always going to be pricier than going it alone, but consulting a kitchen design specialist is a good idea if the space has significant problems.

For instance, you might have moved into a new property and want to update many of the existing features. In this context, working with a consultant may end up being cheaper than an independent renovation, because they can show you where and how to make savings.

Get Crafty with Your Storage Solutions

If the notion of hiring an expert is a little lavish, there are lots of quick, practical changes, which can uplift and elevate the room. For example, kitchens which are low on storage space might benefit from a simple DIY fix.

All you have to do is pick up a tension rod from your local DIY store. Install it directly above the stove (if the room is high enough), so that you can hang pots and pans over the top. That way, they’re not taking up room in the cupboards, but they’re still fully accessible.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

The beauty of kitchen design is that in truth, very few high-end looks cannot be convincingly replicated for a fraction of the price. Just look at vinyl mimics. The material can be bought in a huge range of styles and many of them simulate the aesthetic of luxury surfaces.

So, you can buy vinyl for your countertops, which look just like marble. Although, of course, it is much more affordable. Similarly, vinyl can be bought in a wood imitation style. It is cost effective and it much easier to maintain than wood, which actually needs to be treated.

Go Super Glam with Gold Duct Tape

Sometimes, a new lease of life comes in the simplest of ways. If you’re on a tight budget, but you want to inject some sparkle into your kitchen, pick up a roll of gold duct tape. You should be able to find this at a craft supplies store.

You can use it, if you’ve got a steady hand, to create a gorgeous striped pattern on dull or worn appliances. The fridge is a great choice, as it has a large surface area. When contrasted with bands of white, the effect is striking and very glamorous. 

Why a Stylish Kitchen Is Always Within Your Budget

The reality is that, with enough creativity, you can create any aesthetic that you want.

You just have to be willing to find clever compromises if your budget is small. This is where a kitchen consultant can come in really handy because you do have the option just to work with them in a creative capacity. They can help you create a beautiful kitchen design, but you always have the freedom to try and build it yourself. So, it’s worth considering that extra support.

sources: Sarah Sherman Samuel & Home Designing

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