9 Things that are dreamy but your home doesn’t actually need

We love dreamy furniture and deco items, so we tend to make our home more cluttered than needed. But, yes there is a but, we don’t actually need that much furniture or that many items. So, here is a list of eight items you don’t necessarily need in your home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dreamy or that we don’t love them anymore:

1. A bathroom stool

Yes, it looks really pretty, but do you really need a bathroom stool knowing that you also have a bathroom cabinet. Well, it’s one or the other, so think about how many bathroom items you have.

2. Rugs

Do you really need rugs? Like, besides being pretty do they actually do anything? Well, they keep you warmer in the winter, but besides that is just another object that makes a space more cluttered and also tends to get dusty.

3. A huge coffee table

It’s ok to have a cute coffee table in your living room, but you don’t actually need a huge one. Think about your living room essentials and pick one to fit only them.

4. Identical dining chairs

This is an advice that’s about space, but also about fashion and being on a low budget. Don’t match your dining chairs, but instead pick one statement chair (it can be big) and mix it with similar, but no identical chairs.

5. A lot of pillows

We see a lot of people with a lot of pillows on their bed or sofa. But when thay are more that the space we offer for our guests or for us to sleep, what’s the purpose? Just pick two or three in the pattern you like the most and that’s all! When you get tired of them, just pick another cushion.

6. The dreamy bed bench

If a bed is enough for you to relax, than what do you need a bench for anyway? If you don’t sit all day around trying shoes or reading on that bench, then it’s not for you!

7. A day bed

A dreamy sofa or a bed is enough in your home, so you don’t actually need a day bed. If you really want a relaxing item, pick a comfy and classy armchair, it will save you a lot of space!

8. A table lamp

It’s pretty, it’s cool, but do you really use it? Well, think more about the space you can save in your office without this dreamy lamp.

9. Filling cabinets

Are you a doctor or a lawyer? If the answer is ”No!” then the filling cabinet isn’t for you. Yes, it looks pretty cool but let’s focus on the essentials and keep your floor less cluttered.

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  1. I agree, a lot of these things are unnecessary but I have a bathroom stool and a lot of pillows and they make me feel at home. I just think your home should be a place where you’re surrounded by things you love!

  2. I use my table lamp all the time, always have, otherwise I can’t see properly to work. And my filing cabinet, or rather desk storage, is really useful since I have quite a collection of different papers, craft materials etc. I like to store by my desk. I also much prefer laying down reading, propped up on some pillows, than sitting in a chair hunched over since I can relax my muscles properly and not put strain on my lower back.

    So, each to their own. Now, if you had mentioned candles and dried flowers and other decorative items I would have been right there with you. 🙂