8 Reasons why bohemian chic is the style you need this summer

This summer we are so much in love with the boho chic decor that we want to show you eight reasons why this style is so perfect for this warm season. Relaxed and full of creativity we are sure that many of you will fall in love with this cool style:

1. It can be mixed and matched any kind of decor

From eclectic to Scandinavian style, boho chic is one of the easiest styles to mix and match. This season, mix it with the cool eclectic looks or the country one to get a Californian style home.

2. In blue, it bring that calm vibe a home needs

For a boho chic interior that’s perfect for summer, pick blue as the main shade and green as the second one. Match them with white and beige and you will love the relaxed and calm vibe your home will have.

3. Looks so stylish, that’s why it’s called chic!

If you choose this deco look, your home will have lots of style. Focused on details and artsy items and with such a cool vibe, this style will definitely make your summer home prettier!

4. It’s hippie and free spirited

If you have a free spirit and you love the hippie vibe, this is the style you need in your home. So many colors, so much creativity gives a lot of personality to your home.

5. Also, it has that eco vibe to it

Because you can make a great boho chic interior using a lot of green plants the space you’ll end up with it will have a great eco vibe. Pick big green trees or a lot of small plants and place them all around a bohemian room.

6. And le’ts not forget that it focuses a lot on art and artsy objects

From oversized paintings to frames with artsy pictures you can add a lot of art in a boho chic space. Also, artsy objects such as an unique coffee table or a round chair are more than welcome in this kind of space, if they have that ’70 or ethno mood to them.

7. Let’s you play with so many cute patterns

From the patterns you choose for your rug, your pillows covers and even frames, you can mix and match a lot in this style. Pick ethno, abstract and colorful prints and you will love the result!

8. And it perfect for the nostalgic because it reflects the ‘70

Focusing on the creative and hippie seventies, this style will bring into your home a modern decor with retro accents. To get this chic style in your home you can get inspired from the ’70 TV series, movies or music videos to get those authentic accents in it or to make a thematic corner.

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