7 New IKEA items you need for your office space

Getting a new office and trying to make your old one a prettier and more organized space? Well, we thought that these seven new IKEA items might help you out. So, take a look:

1. Store with style

This cool storage facility from the PS 2017 collection is just what you need in an eclectic or industrial home. Everything you store will look prettier and its design will personalize your office space.

2. Glam holders

Make your office dreamy with practical holders in a super easy way. These Hejsan boxes have a glam twist to them that will make any office space more stylish.

3. The fancy desk

You cannot go wrong in terms of style with this Fjallbo desk. Masculine, industrial and really cool, you will want to work more at a desk like this.

4. A glossy touch

In a neutral shelf add this Kallax wire box in a golden shade for a glam touch. It also works as a great way to separate your paper work and it also looks really dreamy.

5. Some orange accents

This cute storage unit named Eket will make your office space happier than ever. Also, the color combo for the storage unit will bring a cute vibe in any space you pick.

6. Green box

These Tjena boxes have a cute print that will bring a nature vibe into your office space. Besides being chic, they are really practical and you can add labels on them to know better what things you store in them.

7. The practical storage space

The Svalnas storage unit will fit great your office space or your living room. It’s perfect for people dealing with a lot of paper work.

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