7 dreamy tricks on how to create a cozy space

Summer or winter, there is no season in which a cozy vibe can miss from ones home. It’s inviting for guests and makes you feel homier, so follow these seven dreamy tricks on how to make your home even cosier than before:

1. Mix & match textures

The game of textures is essential for a cozy room. Add knitted covers, fluffy pillows, pillow cases with fur or wool and mix them with normal and simple materials like cotton to create the perfect contrast.

2. Add a lot of sitting areas

Having a lot of sitting areas will make your guests feel more homey. Seats are truly welcoming and the comfier they are the cozy it can get.


3. Pick elements in warm colors

The best colors scheme for any cozy room is the one featuring warm colors. Yellow, orange and different shades of beige and brown create a calm and welcoming space in your dreamy home.

4. Add fluffy rugs

From your chairs, to your floor, you can add the versatile rugs everywhere. And it’s not too warm for them in the hot season, all they do is make you step on a soft texture that you will love. It will be sooo fluffy!

5. Pillows everywhere

Pillows are the easiest way to make a space seem cozy. Add them on top of your sofa, bed or even on the floor. Guests will enjoy this fun and welcoming vibe in your home and they will feel like being invited into the space.

6. Covers are a must

Add covers everywhere on top of sofas, on top of your bed, chair, everywhere they are guests. Besides being chic, they make you warm and bring that cozy vibe you need in a place.

7. Add rustic details

The rustic deco style is truly warm and inviting that’s why you should have at least one rustic element in your home. It can be a beach, a chair, a cabinet, anything that has that country chic feeling.

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