7 Dreamy organization hacks for your bedroom

If you love to keep everything in your bedroom really organized (I really do!) you must follow some easy tricks and DIY hacks that will help you have everything at reach and looking dreamy. So, here are seven organizing hacks that really make your bedroom pretty and help you be organized all the time:

1. Keep your day to day clothes on a rack

From the jackets you wear on a daily base, to the pretty clothes or the ones that are often worn, you can keep your essentials on a rack. And we are talking about essentials because if you don’t wear them often they tend to get dusty. so back to the wardrobe. Below your clothes keep your daily shoes and boots and on the side store bags and hats and other  head accessories. No, clothes piles here!

2. Organize you jewelry in drawers

This is the best solution for your jewellery because you will see all of them at once and never forget to wear them. Organize them by type in different drawer and it will everything easy and clutter free.

3. Keep everything in a drawer with a smart storing solution

From your underwear to your socks, everything has to be well stored in a drawer. Place your bras in a separate compartment and your socks or underwear in small boxes that you can make yourself using cut cardboard boxes.

4. Keep your make-up really organized

Besides being easier for you to do your make-up, keeping everything well stored will help you have your desk clean, organized and super dreamy! Pick a beautiful glass or candle holder to store your brushes and long make-up products and special storing boxes for your lipsticks and other make-up products.

5. Store you sunglasses on a dreamy hanger

If you have a big collection of sunglasses you can store them on a hanger and add it on the closet door or in your closet, next to your favorite clothes. Decorate your hanger in a dreamy way using a bow to make everything even prettier.

6. Add your shoes on a ladder

Think of how much space you have and pick a small or big ladder for your shoes. If you have a big bedroom you can open the ladder and arrange your shoes by type and shape, and if your bedroom is tiny use a big ladder and add your daily and pretty shoes on it.

7. Hang your hats

Use nails to hang your hats and add them on top of your cabinet or of a rack. You will love this kind of arrangement, especially if you have big, round hats. They look so dreamy!

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