5 Easy Small Bathroom Designs

Decor trends never stop changing. Regardless of what your bathroom currently looks like, there is almost certainly something that can be done to improve its general aesthetic. While minimalist design has been in for some time now, it’s starting to give way to more bold and eccentric style trends. These are 5 easy small bathroom design ideas that you should think about enacting in the very near future.

Intricate Tiles

From patterned tiles, to mismatched tiles, to colorful tiles, and more, intricate tile designs are becoming increasingly more popular as time goes by.

Consider investing in bathroom tiles which are adorned with swirly, looping, and geometric shapes. Perhaps you could buy tiles adorned with several different designs, mixing and matching them until your bathroom floor possesses its own individual charm? Whichever style you choose, just know that bold and eccentric is in.

Round Mirrors

If you’ve been perusing framed bathroom mirrors, you might very well be interested in going round. Round mirrors are becoming more and more common, making appearances in modern bathrooms everywhere.

The appeal of round mirrors is that they help break up the rigid symmetry present in many modern pieces of decor. Putting a round mirror above your vanity can help to give your bathroom a touch of individual identity.

Quirky Throw Rugs

One of the most striking trends happening in modern small bathroom decor is the use of the throw rug. Creative, quirky, and unusual throw rugs are being used on bathroom floors in place of typical shower mats.

An inexpensive upgrade, a colorful throw rug in the middle of your bathroom floor will help to inject some fun and creativity into an otherwise neutral space.

Freestanding Tubs

Perhaps the most popular trend present in modern small bathroom designs is the freestanding tub. Whether it sits flat on the floor, or whether it’s equipped with cast iron or acrylic clawfoot stabilizers, a freestanding tub gives your bathroom a classic touch of vintage atmosphere.

If your bathroom has the room to fit one of these gorgeous tubs, it’s recommended that you install one as soon as possible. You certainly won’t regret it.

Rustic Vanities

Though, in general, small bathroom designs have remained modern, old-fashioned relics are starting to make a comeback. In particular, vintage bathroom vanity are starting to become more and more common.

A rough, wooden vanity equipped with ceramic sinks can really help to bring a touch of earthy atmosphere to your modern bathroom.

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