5 Dreamy Tile Trends For 2017

This year may be half way through but there is always time to give your bathroom or kitchen a little spruce up with some new tiles. Tiles are essentially the blank canvas that let you build the entire design scheme that you want. From some more classic looks to a few that are a bit more out there, these top tile trends will be sure to give you home envy.


Step away from those typical squares and rectangles and branch out in to something a little different. This year there has been a huge interest in hexagon tiles and they’ve been popping up in countless designs and homes up and down the country. Their unusual shapes adds a brilliant sense of dimension to your wall or floor for a contemporary and modern aesthetic.


As with the feature wall trend a few years ago, it is now the time of the feature floors. A patterned floor introduces style and colour to a room allowing you to bring in accent colours and furniture pieces for a truly professional look. Pattern tiles can be either incredibly eye-catching using bright colours and bold designs, or be slightly more subtle using monochromatic tones and delicate patterns. The pattern tile is a huge trend and can really help to give your home a stylish edge.

Natural Stone

Thanks to its rustic and earthy look, natural stone tiles are high in demand right now. The trend of brining the outdoors in has never been bigger and its the combination of natural stone with accessory pieces such as wood or plants that give that stunning effect adopted by interior lovers everywhere. Natural stone is impervious to water, making it ideal for bathroom or kitchens without the worry of the tile damaging over time. With the versatility of the stone tile there are now hundreds of types on offer to suit any room and any design.

Fish Scale/Fan

An underdog of the tile world, the fish scale sometimes known as the the fan tile, has been making a splash too. The pattern style of the fish scale looks stunning, especially when coupled with oceanic colours such as blues, greens and purples. This tile is a great way of adding some definition and dimension to a room and will allow you to work with equally as gorgeous feature pieces for a strong aesthetic.


Arguably one of the biggest trends to take off this year is the metro tile. Famous for its use in underground stations, where it can credit its name to, the metro tile offers a classic and vintage look. The shape of the metro tiles gives you a symmetrical and solid look and this combined with the high gloss of a metro tiles is what gives it its signature look. Metro tiles are a great way of creating some vintage glamour and will revamp your bathroom or kitchen in an instant.

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  1. love the metro tile, did it in my kitchen and could not behabppier. So much easier to get that pesky oil off of it when you make chicken cutlets!