10 Amazing nooks to make you day dream this summer

After so much work, especially durings summer,  you need to think about a good vacation and a lot of relaxing moments at home. That’s why you need to find that perfect corner for a dreamy nook. From a swing, to comfy chairs, big pillows or a bench, it’s easy to create the perfect dreamy nook. Here are ten amazing nook ideas:

1. Swing away

If you love patterns and you want to easily make a nook in your home, you can choose this type of easy model. You can learn how to make it here. Than just relax and swing away in a lazy day, reading your favorite magazines.

2. Cozy afternoon

In a corner of your home arrange a lot of pillows in neutral colors and patterns & create the perfect corner. Also, you can add plants and a small bookshelf to organize your books.

3. Navy vibe

If you’re a fan of the navy or nautical look this is the nook you need. Add a striped curtain and navy inspired items and just imagine you’re reading or relaxing near the sea.

4. Daydream

If you have a big window in your home, add a bench next to it and a stylish cover and create a dreamy nook. Decorate the space with patterned pillows and a cute coffee table and start a relaxing day at home.

5. Eclectic nook

This is definitely a nook that will cheer you up and make your home a happy space. Decorate your favorite nook swing with powerful colors and pillows with funny words.

6. Terrace nook

Make your terrace sofa look like a swing and your outdoor space will become more creative than ever. Add also a cool lamp and botanical pictures that will bring a nature vibe into this space.

7. Reading time

Enjoy your favorite book while reading it in a comfy nook. Sound great right? All you need is an elegant armchair, a cute coffee table and every day you will want to read more and more!

8. Roll away

Make a dreamy daybed   from rolling palettes  and enjoy your vacation days at home. Decorate it with comfy pillows and covers and use the remaining space to organize  your favorite books and magazines.

9. Bohemian mood

This nook is stylish and perfect for a bohemian home. You can use it as a socializing corner for you and your friends or as a place where you can relax and read.

10. Relax!

Yes a bath tub can also be a nook if you love to get pampered, drink a glass of wine and read a good book, you can do it in this cozy space. Decorate your bathroom with cute deco objects and it look like a gorgeous spa.

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  1. All beautiful, but I want #2 cozy afternoon. Pillows on a fluffy sofa in a corner sounds lovely right now, haha! And love the fabric colors.