An Ikea vacation spot

This week, chance made it somehow to rent an apartment! Yes, yes, an awesome one, but it needs more dreamy details here and there. So, I’ve been doing, lists, spreadsheets and browsing, lots of browsing, especially on Ikea. It’s a budget redecoration, so the top shops I’m gonna hit is Ikea, Zara Home and H&M home.

The whole place it’s a mix of minimal ( well, that might change) with Scandinavian and a couple of modern pieces. Some things, I can’t change so I need to work around them. Anyways, will do a before and after.

Still, I wanna share with you this gorgeous Ikea vacation space, which makes me dream about, you guest it, vacation!

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  1. Finja says:

    Awww, this looks amazing! 🙂
    x finja ~

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