6 Dreamy tips on how to make any home fabulous

Any apartment, even if is tiny, can be fabulous! So, if you are looking thinking to change homes, is better to redecorate, rather than to move. All it takes is carefully picked details that can transform any room into a glamorous one. Here are six easy tricks on how to make your dreamy home more glam than ever:

1. The wow deco item

Any deco item that looks unique and has that wow factor can easily transform a room into a glam one. Pick a cool and original coffee table or a fabulous chair, daybed or sofa for your living room. As for your bedroom, try a chic bench, a nightstand or simply get a gorgeous bedding like the one below which is from  www.juliancharles.co.uk

2. Glam mirrors

You can add mirrors everywhere to increase the space you are living in, but if you want something really special or a statement piece, go for a vintage looking mirror with glam frames in golden, silver or with frames shaped in a unique form.

3. The green corner

Green goes great with a glam interior and green big plants will transform your apartment into a modern and exotic jungle. Because that tropical factor is always a glam touch for any interior.

4. In art we trust

The art work you choose in a room can be often the essential detail that can tell a difference in a room. That’s why a great and artistic painting can really transform a room, making it really glamorous.

5. Glossy touch

Now, let’s talk about details, golden and silver elements are essential in a glam room. So, make sure that the small deco items you pick for or the chairs, tables or cabinets, are painted in these glossy shades.

6. The fancy tiles

When you want some special tiles that go in any room of your home and with any deco style, you can pick  a chess inspired composed of black and white tiles. They look so glam and are can really transform any kind of room, and they work great paired with other fab colors such as burgundy, emerald green but also with neutrals.

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