10 Dreamy ideas on how to refresh you living room for summer

Summer in on so make sure you bring that vibe into your dreamy living room. Refresh this room with plans, vibrant colors and relaxed details that will make you think constantly about a well deserved vacation. Here are ten ideas to dream about:

1. Wood and neutrals

Neutrals are the perfect shades for a living room. This room that always seems to get cluttered looks more organized with neutrals and also these tones are friendly and welcoming for your summer guests. Match these shades with furniture or deco items made of wood like a coffee table, a comfy chair or some decorative objects and you will have the perfect mix for the hot season.

2. Country chic

The country chic style makes you think at a relaxing vacation far away from the city. So bring this cool and relaxed vibe into your home by picking light brown and white furniture, adding country chic prints and wall art and placing camp flowers everywhere like the dreamy lavender, the lovely poppies or small flower pots.

3. Themed wall art

A gallery wall is the easiest idea you can add to your home and what better room to choose than the living room. You can pick summer inspired elements like exotic fruits, the sea or the nature motif and make a themed wall gallery or choose two identical painting, a cool design idea thats really popular right now.

4. Texture vs. prints

Change your pillow covers, add some summer prints and focus on exotic or tropical details like leaves, flamingos, pineapples or palm trees. Mix them with a cute printed cover and some curtains. Also choose light and soft fabrics and mix happy colors like green, orange or yellow with summer neutrals – white, nude. Everything will look fresh and well put together in a game of texture and prints.

5. Summer fabrics

Pick raffia as the star element of your summer home and pick a raffia rug, some raffia chairs and why not a bouncing raffia chair of a nook for a relaxing day at home.

6. Eclectic style

This style is cool for summer, especially for the persons who love travelling and collecting memories from their trips. An eclectic home filled with souvenirs, maps and otter travel elements will keep the vacation mood always alive in your home during the summer.


7. Boho vibe

Another great style for summer if the bohemian one that’s perfect for a Californian or seventies home. Add big green plans, colorful rugs, colorful paintings and a cool hammock to bring that relaxed look in your home.


8. Bring nature into your home

When you think about summer, you think about a dreamy escape at the sea or at the mountains so why not bring these elements into your home. Match neutrals with blue and green or just one of them and make a dreamy scenario for this season.

9. The pop of color

This season is all about joy, warm and happy colors so choose vibrant color accent into your lovely home. Match orange with yellow or red, blue with green and make a statement by adding colorful chairs, tables or lamp into a neutral home.

10. The new dreamy concrete walls

Concrete walls can look very cool in s Scandinavian home, especially in the summer. That undone texture of the wall will bring a touch of creativity in your home and it will match neutral furniture and deco items.

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  1. Boho — No No. looks like someone went to a garage sale and through anything and everything together.