9 Dreamy ways to style your Kilim rugs

If you want to choose a versatile rug for your home that goes in any room, pick a Kilim rug. This colorful and creative rug adds texture to your home and can really style a space making it look amazing. Here are nine dreamy ways to style a kilim rug:

1. Mix it up

It’s great that this kind of rugs look wonderful mixed up together. Try to pick a similar model in different sizes and spread the magical print around your living room. Every rug can separate the corners of your room really great like the reading area or the coffee table space.

2. Make your hallway amazing

If you have a long hallway or entryway, style it up with a kilim rug. Pick a really colorful print and make a contrast between it and neutral furniture. Add also a big green plants for a dreamy space.

3. Add them in your bathroom

If you want a unique bathroom pick a kilim rug and add it next to your bathtub. Also, it adds a pop of color and this space and makes it more creative.

4. Create a colorful kitchen

In a rustic, a boho kitchen or even a Scandinavian one you can add a kilim rug to spice up the space. Math it with colorful plates and glasses or just put it in contrast with minimal furniture.

5. Create a new area in your home

These kinds of rugs really help you separate a certain area of a room. So in an open space like the living room pick a kilim rug to separate the dining area from the sitting area or in a bedroom to separate your clothes from your bed.

6. Hang it on the wall

An exotic solution for your dreamy home is hanging a kilim rug on your wall next to your bed or sofa. Another styling solution is hanging a kilim rug on a hallway and add in front of it a dreamy bench and some pretty plants.

7. Make your bedroom dreamy

If you want your bedroom looking colorful and cozy, add a beautiful kilim rug. It goes great in a minimal bedroom, a Californian one or in a bohemian one. You will love the result!

8. Add it on a neutral rug

A likim rug will make a great contrast added on a neutral rug. The mix will also bring texture into your living space and it will make your whole home really stylish.

9. Make a wonderland out of your terrace space

Last but not least, add dreamy kilim rugs on your terrace, balcony or outdoor space. They will look magical and will make the perfect corner to serve ice tea or lemonade in the hot summer days.

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