9 Dreamy ways to refresh your windows this summer

In the summer time we tend to look a lot at the windows and admire how wonderful the warm season is. So to help you out decorate and refresh your windows for summer, we picked out nine dreamy styling tips:

1. Paint your windows in a happy color

To welcome summer properly, make your windows happier than ever by painting them in a color that makes you think of the sea or of the forest or in a happy color such as yellow or orange.

2. Make a dreamy nook around them

In a corner of your home, full of light and windows, make a pretty nook for the summer season. Add beautiful printed pillows and a small table or shelf where you can store your magazines, books and favorite beverage.

3. Add dreamy rattan blinds

Rattan makes you think instantly at summer and a day at an exotic beach so adding these kind of blind in your lovely home will instantly refresh the space you live in. Add plants around it and create the perfect home oasis.

4. Mix rattan with exotic drapes

Besides adding rattan blinders you can also add some long and beautiful drapes with an exotic print. Pick a palm print or a sea inspired pattern and you will feel like living on the beach.

5. How about some cool window shades?

For your window shades pick a Moroccan or fun print that will bring an exotic vibe into your home. The printed shades are perfect for a neutral home because they will make your dreamy windows really stand out in the room.


6. Add a cruise inspired cordless

Stripes are a perfect print for a classy cordless that can make your summer windows gorgeous. Add it next your desk or in your lovely living or dining space and you will feel like being on a fabulous cruise.

7. Bring a Moroccan vibe into your home

Make a curtain out of a Kilim rug to bring an exotic and unique vibe into your home. The Moroccan trend is very cool for summer and you will love these creative prints to decorate your dreamy windows.

8. Fairy tale nightstand

If you have a tiny apartment, make a nightstand around your window. Decorate it with pastel items and dreamy sheer curtains and you will love this summer setting that brings a magical vibe into the space.


9. Make a home jungle

Near your window, add simple vases filled with exotic leaves. You can also mix them up with green plants to create your perfect summer indoor garden.

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