8 Dreamy pantries that will make your day well-organized

Do you love cooking and having a big kitchen. Well, seems like you are just the kind of person that really needs a pantry in its dreamy home. So,we picked out eight splendid pantries that are really well-organized and we hope they will inspire you in creating the perfect space for your kitchen:

1. The kitchen pantry

If you want to have everything well set and put together in your kitchen why not add every utility you need in a pantry. This way you will have everything you want and need around you and well hidden for the guests to see. Also, your kitchen will be left with just the sitting area and the fridge and it will look clean, organized and stylish.

2. The shabby look

In a corner near your kitchen add two shabby doors that can open a well-organized pantry with all your kitchen ingredients and utensils. It’s perfect for a shabby, retro or rustic home and looks pretty chic.

3. The glam space

If you have a big kitchen space in an apartment with high ceilings this is the ideal pantry for you. To make it more glam, add a stylish ladder and a dreamy chandelier and pick white for your pantry shelves, it looks more modern and elegant.

4. The closet pantry

This is a great idea for a kitchen that doesn’t have a corner, but enough space to add a stylish closet in which you can make a pretty organized pantry. Pick wooden shelfves to give that pantry feeling to the space and also a classy grey for the closet look

5. Open door

Pick a folding door for a small kitchen pantry. This solution is stylish, practical and easy to make. Also, don’t forget to match your shelves with the doors.

6. Under the stairs

If you have a house with stairs you can make your dreamy pantry under it. It will save a lot of kitchen space and it’s also a very practical solution. Also, here you can add carts with the things you need for your living room or kitchen and just roll them around your home.

7. The white scenario

For a pantry full of light pick a corner of your home near a window. Pick also white as the main shade of the pantry and make a dreamy space using raffia baskets and wooden trays.

8. The cool factor

This is a great pantry for an eclectic home with brick walls. So, in a corner of your home make a folding door where you can draw or make cute prints that will make your home unique while storing your kitchen stuff.

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  1. Such amazing inspo. I am dreaming of having a pantry like this! Right now our home is not big enough, but maybe one day!