7 Gorgeous rugs for your dreamy home and how to style them

A rug is a key element for a home. It can separate areas in an open space, it can bring unity into a home with different styles and also it will bring contrast, shape and structure into an interior. Last but not least, it’s chic, cozy and comfy and we love this deco element. So, we picked the coolest rugs that are right now and also some dreamy shopping suggestions we hope you will love:

1. Go stripes!

This is the chicest rug model you can choose and it can go with anything. From a Parisian chic interior, to a navy or eclectic one, this rug will bring structure and style into a room. Also, for an ethno or bohemian vibe like this one, pair your furniture with a neutral rug. Looks so cool, right?

2. The jute rug

This is the ultimate rug for this season. Add into your living room, bedroom and even terrace and it will bring a bohemian and relaxing vibe interior of your home. It also goes great with plants and neutral elements.

3. The shag rug

When you think about a lot of texture and puffiness, this is the rug that should pop up into your mind. Full of details, prints and with a great texture, the shag rug will make any kind of room looking gorgeous. Go to this link to find more information about steam clean options to fit your need.

4. Moroccan vibe

This is one of the most versatile rugs you can choose for your home. It will also bring color and shape and it will make any simple room looking gorgeous and modern.

5. The monochromatic rug

Forget the fact that this rug is simple, its main role is to be the key element in a room. Like for example in an eclectic space, if you pick the most common shade in the room for the rug it will create a unity in the space. So make sure to match your monochromatic rug with the most important deco pieces in a room.

6. The outdoor rug

For the outdoor, choose a carpet in a darker color scheme and also if you can pick a waterproof one it will be great. Also, stripes, blue or grey shades and a few decorative motifs are the best elements for an outdoor rug.

7. The wild hides

This is the perfect rug for a rustic, bohemian or eclectic interior. It has a lot of personality and you see it a lot in the Californian homes. It’s great for layering and brings shape and structure into a room.

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