10 Dreamy balconies that will help you get ready for summer

Get your balcony ready for summer by creating a dreamy scenario that looks like the perfect outdoor space for you. Bring nature indoors, add a little bit of magic and make the balcony space the ultimate place to be this summer:

1. Boho mood

Add a relaxing chair in your balcony inspired by the ’70 and surround yourself with beautiful flowers and plants. This balcony has a great retro vibe that suggests a quality and relaxing time just for you.

2. Tropical times

Add cool flamingo in your dreamy balcony and it will instantly get an exotic vibe. Match them with exotic printed pillows, dreamy candles and big green plants and you will have a tropical space in your own balcony.

3. Good vibes

This minimal decorated balcony with Scandi accents really brings a good vibe in your home. Match some neutral deco items with a cozy cover and some printed pillows and you will have a fun and trendy balcony for you and your friends.

4. Hippie dreams

On your porch or balcony create a magic hippie mood using dreamy lights and a cozy hammock and you will have the perfect relaxing space.

5. Outdoor oasis

This idea is perfect for a big balcony. It will make you feel like being on an exotic trip in Marrakech and also these fun and creative prints will bring lots of joy in your balcony space.

6. Dream big!

This is also a dreamy example for a big balcony or a big terrace space. Pick a wooden floor and surround it with rattan elements. Also, make a gallery wall using tropical hats and add some texture using printed pillows.


7. Exotic touch

Make a dreamy balcony using rattan chairs and pillows with exotic prints. Choose colors that inspire nature like green or brown and add fairy elements like a golden lamp that will personalize this wonderful space.

8. Relaxing day

Add a dreamy hammock in your small balcony and make your day super relaxing. Math it with cute covers and pillows, candles and plants and enjoy the free days in your gorgeous balcony.

9. White dreams

If you own a house near the sea or the ocean, this is the perfect balcony for you. Pick a dreamy and relaxing white for your furniture and add some rattan elements and a lot of green plants.

10. The dreamy brown

This small balcony is pretty simple, but has a great design. The shades give a nature feeling to the space and the white flowers go really well in this dreamy scenario. Pick wooden furniture and deco items and also some green exotic plants to get a space like this one.

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