How to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

The outside of your home is the first thing your prospective renters see when they visit your property.  Because of this, you should optimize your yard to pop out among the other local properties.  Here are some strategies for capturing the attention of new tenants with a lovely front yard.

Go With Greenery

When it comes to curb appeal, a little greenery goes a long way. Colorful plants, lush trees, and artful landscaping draws the eye.  A plentiful yard captures attention because it gives the home a warm and inviting feel.  Consult your local landscaper to find natural flowers, bushes, and trees that complement your home and your environment. Planting blooms compatible with the weather and nature of your area will make them both low maintenance and energy efficient. If you rent a home with a large yard, consider hiring a landscaper who can plan and plant a suitable yard for your budget and needs, and hire a gardener who can keep up with the maintenance of the yard for you. You may include the cost of the gardener in the price, so long as your rent price is still competitive with the market.


Install Exterior Lighting

A dark home drives people away, but a well-lit home will beckon potential tenants. Update your exterior lights with porch lights, lanterns, and walkway lights, in order to brighten up your home—even at night.  If you already have quality lighting, make sure the fixtures are cleaned of any dust and debris such as cobwebs.  This will prevent your home from looking shabby and uncared for.

Repair Cracks in Steps and Walkways

The devil is in the details.  If you once lived in your rental property, you may already be used to all of the imperfections it gathered along the way.  This includes chips and crack within the concrete walkway and doorstep of your property.  If your walkway has grown uneven with time and grass is growing between the cracks, it is time to lay a new path.  This may be as simple as repaving over the existing walkway, or you may have to replace the entire path altogether.  Either way, investing in a quality walkway will bring more prospective tenants up to your door.

Hire a Pressure Cleaner

Often, your rental unit doesn’t need a new coat of paint.  In fact, most properties can go without new paint for about five to six years.  If you live in an environment where the weather doesn’t damage paint as often, all you may need is a deep clean with a power washer.  If this is the case, hire a pressure cleaner to get all of the dirt and out of every nook, cranny, and crevice of your home.  You may be surprised at how new and polished your property looks after a deep clean

Clean Your Porch

Due to all of the foot traffic, porches gather a lot of dirt.  You may be used to the dirt, but your prospective tenants are not.  Before you show your apartment, make sure you clean off your porch.  This includes sweeping off any dust and dirt, and washing the porch clean.  If you have a wood porch, you may even choose to put a fresh polish onto the wood.  Keep your porch clear of any spider webs, trash, and other rubbish to keep your house looking fresh and new.

Add Simple Accents

While it is wise to simplify your unit before you do a showing, simple accents can make a big difference when it comes to warming up your home.  For example, you may want to replace your old ragged welcome mat with a crisp new one.  You may even get a mat with a pop of color to compliment the color palette outside of your home.  In addition, you may want to add chairs to the porch made of materials like wood, wicker, or iron.  If you already have chairs, make sure the cushions are clean to add to the sophisticated feel of your porch.

Curb appeal is a renter’s first introduction to your property. This is especially important for first-time landlords looking to make their investment lucrative. Follow this advice for new landlords and make your property a standout. Boost your curb appeal with these tips to get high-quality renters interested in your unit today. 


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