9 Inspirational minimal bedrooms for a relaxing sleep

Paint your dreams in neutral colors and minimal shapes and you will have a relaxing sleep in a cozy, spacious and clutter free bedroom. The Scandinavian style is perfect for your bedroom and it will help you get the good relaxing sleep you need. Here are nine ideas of dreamy minimal bedrooms:

1. Exotic influences

This minimal bedroom has some cute exotic influences that makes it look even more relaxing. So, decorate your dreamy bedroom with big leaves and rattan deco items.

2. Ethno vibe

This gorgeous bedroom has a dreamy bed made out of wood and ethno details that give personality to this interior. Looks so relaxing, right?

3. Lights up!

Transform a minimal bedroom into a wonderland space using some dreamy lights at the end of your bed. It’s a great idea, especially for an attic apartment, because you need more lights in that place.

4. Play it simple

This ingenious idea will make your home also a nightstand for your essentials like glasses, books or a coffee mug. It’s so simple, yet dreamy that I instantly felt in love with it!

5. Wall art

This beautiful minimal bedroom gets more personality with some cool wall art. Also, the chic nightstand filed with books will makes this room the perfect reading space.

6. Gallery wall

This is also a cute example on how a simple gallery wall can make your bedroom into something special and creative. Also, I love this cool and ingenious lamp on top of the bed.

7. For the love of plants

Green goes great with neutrals, and plants help you relax and get that calm vibe you really want in your home. There are also stree free, so make sure to add at least one into your dreamy bedroom.

8. Spa feeling

This gorgeous bedroom makes you think of a beautiful spa where you can really enjoy your day. Mix white with pink and add dreamy raffia deco items, branches and a puffy cover.

9. Good night!

Hang pictures surrounded by dreamy lights on top of your bed to bring some magic into this relaxing room. Also, mix neutrals with pastel colors and you will see the calm vibe this space will have!

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