8 Exotic tips to give your home a dreamy Moroccan vibe

In springs we feel the need to add an exotic touch to our lovely home and this season the Moroccan influences are stronger than ever. We love their colorful prints, and dreamy textures and also every details of this culture that makes your home look like a vacation house. Here are eight items you need to make you home looking more exotic:

1. Add a themed wallpaper

By picking the right wallpaper you can easily shape your home like one from Morocco. It will look unique, glamorous and of course, very exotic and it will go great will golden or silver touches.

2. Mix & Match textures

Morocco is all about dreamy textures and prints so make you own colorful heaven picking the most creative pillows, rugs, and covers and matching them according to colors. You will feel in love with the result! Also, as a cool idea you can make a gallery wall using pictures with Moroccan textures.

3. Add dreamy mirrors around the place

The exotic Moroccan mirrors will make any of your interiors look simply gorgeous. So add them around your living room, bedroom and even bathroom and you will see how your home will seem more exotic and also spacious.

4. Pick a wooden table for your terrace or balcony and make a small Moroccan garden

Make your own Moroccan Oasis by giving your balcony or terrace an exotic look. Add colorful pillows on the floor pick a wooden table and serve delicious tea in glamorous cups.

5. Add Moroccan inspired tiles in your kitchen or bathroom

This season forget about the subway tiles, now it’s all about the prints. And now the Moroccan tiles are really popular, especially for your bathroom and kitchen. Mix them with some neutral tiles and they will definitely stand out.

6. Choose Marrakech curtains for your living room

These dreamy curtains are perfect for a living room or bedroom with high windows and they will make any interior looking exotic, relaxing and inspiring.

7. And also some Marrakech pillows for your sofa and bed

When thinking about Marrakech, 0ne pillow is never enough, so decorate your bedroom or sofa with these colorful pillows that will add texture and an artsy vibe to any space.

8. And for the last touch, don’t forget a Marrakech rug

We love the Marrakech rugs because they go with any space. From a Scandinavian interior to an eclectic or vintage one you can add this rug anywhere and it will fit perfectly!

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