15 Deco items you need for your house this summer

It’s spring time, so what other way to refresh our home for the upcoming summer than shopping for some new and dreamy deco items. From exotic deco items, to floral prints, a tropical Californian Vibe or a Moroccan one, here are our top favorite deco items for this season:

1. Traditional rug in a Moroccan style, find it here.

2. This lovely outdoor chair will make any space dreamy. You can shop it here.

3. This gorgeous headboard is perfect for a vintage home, purchase it here.

4. This sketched floral medallion tapestry is perfect for a bohemian bedroom, if you like it, shop it here.

5. This tufted settee will add color and shape to your dreamy spring home. So, shop it here.

6. A cool disco glass for a sunny day, buy it here.

7. Some cool paper plates, perfect for a chic picnic. Shop them here.

8. This cool pillow will give a wild look to your living room, so shop it here.

9. A splendid rug for a Californian interior, check it out here.

10. This fringe deco item is perfect for a boho bedroom. You can buy it here.

11. A dreamy cover set, perfect for spring, shop it here.

12. A pair of exotic sconces. You can purchase them here.

13. An exotic table lamp, perfect for your bedroom, find it here.

14. A cute side table for your indoor or outdoor, check it out here.

15. A Rattan bench that will be perfect for a dreamy nook, shop it here.

Source: Cover & Main

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