10 Sweet and lovely recipes for Easter

Easter is almost here so you have to prepare the dinner or lunch menu for your lovely guests. Because we are big sweets fans we will start with ten ideas of dreamy deserts for Easter. Hope you’ll like them, have fun cooking!

1. Easter egg cookie dough truffles

These colorful eggs are actually sweets you can make for Easter. So cool, right? If you like how they look, learn the recipe here.

2. Dirt cake

This adorable cake is perfect for the Oreo fans and will represent the perfect desert for a dreamy holiday, such as Easter. See the recipe here.

3. Popcorn barb

If you love popcorn and you’re looking for a fun snack for your guests, this sweet recipe is perfect for you. It’s also cute & colorful and will match a dreamy table setting. Learn how to make it here.

4. The bunny cake

If you have an elegant or Parisian inspired Easter, this chic cake is perfect for you and its looks amazing. You can learn how to make it here.

5. No bake mini egg cheesecake

We all love cheesecake, right? Well, you can now make a themed one for Easter, with delicious mini eggs, of course. Check out how you can make it here.

6. Chocolate nests

This is the perfect Easter desert for chocolate lovers. Also, this desert looks like a real nest. So cool, right? See the recipe here.

7. Basket cake

This dreamy cake will surprise all your guests for Easter. And it will also make your table setting more gorgeous than ever! Learn here how to make it.

8. Spiked peeps

These are the cutes marshmallows I’ve ever seen and they will look great at your Easter party. If you like them you can check the recipe here.

9. Rice krispies Eater chick pops

Pops are a fun desert for any Easter party and if they have a cute shape like chicks, it’s even better. Learn here how to make these adorable pops.

10. Easter egg layered cake

This cake looks like the rainbow cake and we know that’s one of the most popular cakes ever. Moreover, the eggs on top of it make it look like an Easter deco piece also. Cute, right? See the recipe here.

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