10 Dreamy reasons why you will fall in love with this new deco trend

We are absolutely in love with both the Scandinavian and the Californian deco style so when we heard that a blend between the two style is the deco trend that’s huge right now, we were really happy and excited. So, we want to tell our ten reasons that make this new Sandi Californian mix so cool right now in the deco world:

1. A Scandinavian room can be a little cold so the Californian vibe will bring a warmer and welcoming feeling into the space: The Scandinavian decor focuses on a lot of neutral cold colors and the Californian one is warmer when it comes to chromatics aka more welcoming for your friends.

2. Also, the Californian details scream ,,it’s summer time’’: This trend is huge right now because we’re in the warm season when you need more colors and texture and even exotic plants into your home. So, if you get tired of it by fall or winter time you can just remove the Californian items and keep it simple and minimal.

3. These two styles have a lot in common and make the perfect blend: Green plants, furniture made out of wood, minimal sofas, amazing rugs, these style have so much in common that a blend will be inevitable.

4. This trend is perfect if you love minimal details but want some color and texture into your home: We all love a minimal design but sometimes we need a little bit of color in our life, a pop art poster or a Moroccan rug.

5. Nothing can make a Scandi furniture shine more than some texture and colorful details: If you surround the Scandinavian furniture with lots of statement and colorful art pieces or printed rugs you will see that everything can mix up great and also that this kind of furniture will stand out in a room.

6. Both style are so relaxed that the new space with this deco trend will definitely bring a calm vibe into your home: Furry rugs, green plants, fantastic art pieces and neutral furniture, everything is so relaxed when we talk about these two styles.

7. It’s perfect for people who love to personalize their interior: The Californian style lets you add more things into your home and also keeps the cool Scandi design lines.

8. Texture, plants and a great design – these are the elements any home need to have and this trend makes them shine: Add cactuses into a Scandi decor and add neutral and minimal furniture into a Californian one. Try switching items in these two styles and you will see everything still makes a great decor mix.

9. It’s full of unique details that won’t make you get bored so fast of it: Having more deco elements than the simple Scandi style, this blend help you focus more on unique items for your home and giving a more attention on the artistic elements of it.

10. The result will be a happy space that you will enjoy! This blend can make an interior really happy and the perfect place for a summer party so you will definitely love the result.

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