9 Dreamy bedroom ideas for tiny apartments

If you have a studio or a one room apartment, you have to make a cute small bedroom in this space. It’s pretty simple and we found ten dreamy ideas for you to try, we hope you like them:

tiny bedroom idea main

1. Minimal magic

Add a fake glass wall with curtains in a minimal apartment to create a tiny and cool bedroom. This design is very relaxing and also practical.

9 Dreamy bedroom ideas for tiny apartments

2. Canopy dream

If you live in a tiny apartment and you want a fairy tale or boho vibe in your home pick a canopy bed that will divide the space perfectly.

9 Dreamy bedroom ideas for tiny apartments

3. Add dreamy curtains

This magical idea will divide really well your bedroom from your living room and it will create a very relaxing space were you can sleep. Add also a dreamy decorative tree next to your bed and you will feel like being in the nature.

tiny bedroom curtains

4. Wall bedroom

If you have an irregular or corner wall  you can make a bedroom in that space by adding a cute tiny bed divided with curtains. You can pick fluffy or printed pillows and add a gallery wall next to the bed to personalize the space better.

wall bedroom tiny apartment

5. The couch bed

Pick a big couch shaped like the ”L’’ letter and make a bed in the wider side. Decorate your couch with cozy covers and pillows and you will have a lovely bedroom and living room.

9 Dreamy bedroom ideas for tiny apartments

6. Next to a bookshelf

You can separate your bedroom from your living room by adding a cute minimal bookcase. It’s also very practical because you will have your favorite books next to you to read.

next to a booksheld bedroom tiny apartment


7. The black steel wall

Black steel is the most popular material for home deco in this season so it will be a great idea for your tiny apartment wall. It’s classy, minimal and really dreamy!

the baclk steel wall

8. The upside-down bed

This cute bed looks like a closet more than a bed because it has all those practical drawers under it. So it’s also a relaxing space and great storage solution for a tiny apartment.

upsidedown bed tiny apartment 8

9. Magic night

Add lights, small chandeliers and curtains around your small apartment and create a space that’s worthy of a fairy tale. When is not a bedroom, it can become a great space to hang out with your friends to play games or tells stories.

9 Dreamy bedroom ideas for tiny apartments

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