7 Deco rules you can skip when decorating your dreamy home

When decorating your home you have in mind a lot of rules. But, today we are trying to forget them and really concentrate of the beauty, originality and personality of an interior. So here are seven rules you can definitely break when you are decorating the home you dream about:

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1. Hide your things

This rule is great for control freaks or the people who are obsessed with a minimalist lifestyle. But where is the prettiness of the deco world if you are keeping on hiding deco objects? Just keep away the things that seem to become clutter, the things that don’t make your home prettier and display beautiful design objects around your home.

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2. Don’t pick dark walls!

Many people are afraid of dark colored walls because they think these kind of shades make a room feel smaller – but that totally false! You can easily pick these shades, especially if you want a little bit of mystery and elegance in your home. Also, don’t forget to pair dark tones with light shades to give a great contrast to your dreamy home.

dark walls bedroom

3. Keep it minimal

That’s one way or thinking, ooooooor just skip this rule and make a home as pretty and filled with stuff as you wish. Pick framed pictures everywhere, add beautiful souvenirs around your place, artwork and lots of books or shelves. It’s all about keeping a home pretty, with a lot of personality and in the same shades (as much as you can).

electic room velvet sofa

4. Don’t’ mix prints – We showed you a lot of times what a great contrast can print mixes create. So, go ahead and be creative and mix stripes with dots and abstract prints. Pick different patternes for your pillows, rugs, covers or painting and you will have a very creative, original and eclectic home.

print mix room

5. Sets, sets, sets

We keep hearing about matching chairs, matching tables and the list keeps going and going. Well, we are thinking the opposite and a good example is the new mix and match kitchen trend that allows you to be creative and mix different kinds of chairs – old one and new ones. We just love it!

chairs mix daily dream decor

6. Go with only one style in your home

That’s a rule you can skip to save the personality of your home. Pick you favorite styles and mix them up, get creative, create an eclectic home and everybody will love it! Mix vintage items with new modern objects and you will have a splendid home!

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7. Don’t pick only one color for your home

So what if you love white and you want everything to be white, beige, or even soft pink? That’s not a problem! Neutral and light tones are IN and these kinds of room are the ones that bring beauty in the decor world.

white home

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  1. Love this post. Loving the mix and match chairs idea and stay in the same color shade. As most New Yorkers must do, we are going minimal and Scandi. We have no space, haha!

  2. LOVE LOVE this post!! When my husband and I moved into our first home, I got caught up in all these “rules” to follow. I quickly realized that is not my style at all! I have most definitely broken the 7 rules you listed and my home has so much more personality because of it. Thanks for sharing great advice and beautiful, inspiring photos!

  3. Great post!! I’m all about keeping things pretty, mixing & matching, and not being afraid to let your personality shine. When you’re working with a small budget, it’s actually not a difficult thing to do by default, but as you pointed out so well in your post, so many folks are afraid to get creative and instead fall back on “the rules.” It’s so much more fun to combine styles into a whole that’s uniquely you! 🙂