5 Dreamy must-have items for a welcoming guest room

Whether you are inviting your friends or family over or you just want to rent a room on airbnb, you have to acknowledge some basic items a room must have. So, we made a list and narrowed down to five essentials any dreamy guest room should have. Here is our list, but we are also expecting your suggestions:

guest room main

1. Cute chairs

To use as a closet for a few days or just to sit and relax, your guest will need one or two cute chairs to sit on. If you pick chairs that have an excellent design you will have a plus in the eyes of your guest and they will be able to make cute pictures for their Instagram account and that’s always important!

eames chairs huest room bedroom 1

chairs huest room bedroom 2

2. Toiletries

Make sure you have one or two of every toiletry a person need for short stay: shower gel, thothpaste, shampoo, a cute soap, white towels and even a cute and comfy pair of slippers, they will be very grateful!

toiletries tray 1 guest room

toiletries 2 guest room

3. Comfy sheets & pillows

You always have to think about comfort when you are inviting guests over. They can be tired or just the kind of people who enjoy comfort or comfy items, so you have to do your best! Pick soft pillows, add puffy covers, soft sheets and any other item that looks comfortable and really feels great.

comfy pillows guest room 1

comfy pillows guest room 2

4. Storage facilities

Besides having a couple of chairs in the room, you have to provide as many storage facilities as you can for your guests, because everybody has a lot of stuff! Pick a small nightstand; add drawers, a rack for clothes and other small shelves to store small items. Your guests will love it!

bedroom storage guest room

bedroom storage guest room 2

5. Cute framed photos

No room is complete without an inspiring image that will help personalize that particular space. Because we are talking about guests, you can consider framing: abstract art, pictures with celebrities, illustrations with plants or vacation photos that will create a very relaxing mood in the room.
bedroom framed pictures 2

bedroom framed pictures 1

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  1. Nice. Now, can you show us how to make a guest room (in a resort area) say, Welcome for a couple of days, then please let us have our lives back?