How to give your home a Parisian vibe

Oh la la, there is nothing more glamorous than a Parisian home. The luxurious details, the dreamy colors and the splendid deco items, all make a French home looking like one that should be instantly added in a decor magazine. So here are our tips and tricks in making the perfect Parisian space:

parisian apartment 2

1. Make dreamy arcades in your home

When you think about Paris, you think about an amazing architecture and why not make your home your own architecture wonder? Replace the doors with beautiful arcades and add beautiful sculptural details to your walls.

dreamy parisian arcade

2. Pick a neutral kitchen

When you look at a Parisian home you see that effortless and calm vibe. To gain this look you just have to pick a neutral color palette for your walls and furniture. Also, to emphasize this look add green plants and deco items made of wood.

neutral kitchen 2

3. Add a little more pink

Pastels and especially baby blue or pink give a home that Parisian chic vibe. So, don’t be afraid to use gentle colors to give your home a really dreamy look. These colors go great with white and grey and make a space perfect for natural light.

pink parisian space

4. Choose a statement mirror

A big statement mirror with a retro design is that must-have item every Parisian bedroom or living room should have. It makes the interior seem bigger, it brings light into a space and it’s truly chic.

statement mirror parisian chic home

5. Mix new furniture with vintage elements

In making the perfect Parisian home, you have to mix vintage element with new cool pieces. Pick a retro table and chandelier and add modern details such as lights, chairs and artsy deco items. The mix will be effortless chic for sure! 

ols and new parisian style apartment

6. Go for a luxurious & chic sofa

 In a Parisian lookalike home you will want a very elegant sofa in your living room. So, the best one you can pick is the velvet one. Classy and timeless, this sofa goes great with a dreamy chandelier.

chic luxurious sofa parisian chic

7. Add books everywhere

Old books have that vintage vibe that every Parisian home has and new book give a chic vibe to a place, especially ‘’How to be a Parisian’’ by Anne Berest, of course! So, all you have to do is make a dreamy arrangement using books. You can do it in a corner of your room, next to a window, on a bookcase or on the coffee table. Just be creative!

books parisian aprtment

8. Don’t forget to make any corner absolutely dreamy

In a Parisian home you have to make every corner count! Add books, beautiful flowers, a cool small chair or a vintage table and make your whole apartment really dreamy.

parisian home corner

9. Never forget the metallic details

Metallic details are a great way to give make your space seem more luxurious .Pair white with golden and grey with silver and you will have an effortless chic home.

metallis details parisian home

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