6 Things every dreamy home has to have

When decorating your dreamy home, you have to start with the must have-items and really pick the best of them. So we tough about dreamy furniture and the new deco trends and about six perfect items that every stylish home has to have:

dreamy home must haves main

1. A gallery wall

Every minimal home has to have a gallery wall. In this way you can really get creative and you can save a lot of space. Also, if you are the kind of person that easily gets bored with the same items, by having a gallery wall you can just switch the photos in your frames and make your home look like new again.

gallery wall 2

gallery wall 1

2. Dreamy plants

Besides being beautiful, plants have a lot of roles. They bring happiness and harmony; they are eco friendly and can keep a home really clean. So it you love plants, do pick green ones for your dreamy home and even mix them with some botanical elements to make your home even cooler.
plants home decor 1

plants home decor 2

3. An iconic chair

For your office, kitchen, dining space or living room pick at least one iconic chair. It will make your home more cool and if you put it next to basic furniture it will make the whole room really stand out. Find here our suggestions for the perfect iconic chair.

iconic chair 1

chair 2

4. The perfect coffee table

Besides a great chair, a must-have item for your living room is the coffee table and the way you decorate it (suggestions here). So pick a chic model made from wood, marble or a metallic material and decorate it in a very stylish way to make it really stand out in the room.

coffee table 1

coffee table 2

5. A chic bookcase

If you are a booklover, you have to have a chic bookshelf in your home. And if you are also a fashionista you can really style it using shoes, bags, flowers and candles. This item will really make your living room even more beautiful or you bedroom and office space if you decide to place it next to them.

stylish bookcase 2

stylish bookcase 1

6. A mix of old and new furniture

This season the old and the new make a really great pair, for example an old table will make the perfect match with some new cool chairs. In this way your home will look more elegant and unique and your guests will really love it! Here are a few more suggestions for you.

old and new furniture

old and new furniture 2

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