6 Amazing tile trends for 2017

Refresh your home for spring with some new tiles. Sounds good right? Well, we tough about this cool and modern renovation for your home and found the most popular six tile trends for this year. We can’t wait to find out your favorite, so check them out:

tiles trends cover main

1. Hexagon shapes

These kinds of tiles never seem to go out of style and that’s because they can be both – traditional and elegant when it comes to interior design. Also, they come in different sizes so you can get creative with them!

hexagon tiles 1 tiles trends 2017

hexagon tiles 2 trends tiles 2017

2. The pattern effect

We saw a lot of patterned tiles in the old days, in our parent’s home or in old houses. We hated them many times, but if you find that perfect mix and you combine them with modern and cool deco items you will see that patterned tiles can be great. Don’t forget to mix them with neutral tiles because too many patterned tiles won’t be cool at all.

patterned tiles 1

patterned tiles bathroom tiles trends 2017

3. Terracotta

These kind of tiles went out of style but now they are back on! Before they were a great choice for an outdoor room or vacation home, but now you can place them anywhere and even math them with the cool black & white combo.

terracotta tiles trends 2017

terracotta tiles 2 tiles 2017 trends

4. The famous Zellige tiles

These tiles are pretty traditional and they are originally from Morocco. Made of clay, these shiny tiles come in any color you wish and they help you to make your home more colorful, happy and vivid. Also, compared with other tiles, they will bring a glam vibe into your home.

zellige tiles 1 tiles trends 2017

zellige tiles 2 tiles trends 2017

5. Abstract shapes

Now, when you think about tiles, you can think at any shape or size you wish. So, these are the tiles for you if you want to make your home really creative, geometric or abstract. Just go wild!
abstract tiles shapes 1

abstract tiles shapes 2

6. Vintage love

These cute and small tiles are the coolest ones for this season, especially if you pick them in black and white. Make a floral or abstract model with them and pick these tiles for your bathroom or kitchen and you will love your home even more!

vintage tiles 1 trends 2017

vintage tiles 2 trends 2017

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