Top 10 Living rooms of 2016

It’s time for the coolest and most inspiring living rooms of 2016. The Scandinavian design, the boheniam details, the velvet sofas and the neutral deco items were the main elements that brought us dreamy living rooms in the past year. Check them out:


1. Glam all the way
It’s really easy to make a glam living room like this one. Just pick a great statement mirror and make your chairs fancier by using furry covers. Also mix glam pictures on your wall in different frame shapes and sizes.

Top 10 Living room of 2016

2. Luxury day
Mix brown, white and golden to get a luxurious living space that will also have a glamorous vibe. Add a furry rug, statement lamps and fashion books to personalize this great space.

Top 10 Living room of 2016

3. Retro vibe
If you want an elegant living space, pick brown as the main color. Match it with printed pillows in neutral and dark shades, big green plants and golden elements.

Top 10 Living room of 2016

4. Boho fantasy

Mix wood with boho elements and you will have a dreamy living room that will be perfect for a relaxing day at home. Pick neutral elements. but add also a pop of color that will stand out in the room, like this elegant navy blue.

Top 10 Living room of 2016

5. Modern elegance
This modern living room shows once again how great is a white sofa for this space, especially when it’s mixed with patterned elements. Simply gorgeous!

Top 10 Living room of 2016

6. Pastel dream
For a dreamy living room with a calm and relaxing vibe, pick pastel shades and mix them with white and grey. Add also fantasy lookalike boho items and create the land of your dream in your own living room.


7. Minimal space
If you want a relaxing space this is the perfect one. The chairs are great and the neutral color palette gives a cozy and calm feeling to the space.


8. Calm moment
This minimal living room shows class by mixing the neutral white, black and grey with some yellow fresh flowers. Add also some texture to the room by picking furry rugs, knitted covers and patterned pillows with stripes.


9. Artsy interior
To create an artsy living room you will need a great velvet couch and one cool and creative art piece that will be the star of the space.


10. Velvet elegance
The velvet couches in bold colors were the big starts of 2016 because they can make a living room looking very elegant. You can mix them with furry rugs, beautiful frames, statement mirrors and also green plants for a dreamy living room that you will love for sure!




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  1. Hello, please ID some of the products, like the big bulky throw in #8 or the fringed jute rug in another photo. If not, please tell us how we can research products displayed in some of the rooms.