10 Dreamy rooms with black & white tiles you will instantly love

The checker black & white tiles are style IN and we can’t ever have enough of them. They go perfectly in any room, in lots of different styles and they bring elegance to any interior you add them in. So here are out top nine favorite spaces with black and white tiles.

black and white tiles main kitchen

1. The dreamy kitchen

If you want a modern kitchen mix white cabinets with black and white checkers tiles and you will have a dreamy combo. Also, you can add brown details such as raffia baskets to make the space more warm and welcoming.

dreamy kitchen black and white tiles

2. Splendid living room

This modern living room with black and white tiles is absolutely gorgeous! Pick dusty pink details like cover, pillows, chairs or flowers to make the space look more calm and glamorous and you will have the perfect interior.

black and white tiles living room 2

3. Shabby living room

If you have a room filled with artsy deco objects and a shabby style you can pick black and white tiles. They will be the perfect match and they will make the interior even fancier!

shabby living room 3

4. Sophisticated living room

Use black and white tiles next to rooms with big windows and also next to very bold and colorful walls to create the perfect contrast.

sophisticated interior 4

5. The cool kitchen

You can mix black and white tiles also with a colorful wall and create a cool or retro interior. Add some modern bar chairs and you will have the perfect hang out space.

the cool kitchen 5

6. Exotic living room

Mix black and white tiles with green and you will have an elegant, but also exotic space. Pick a green velvet sofa, some plants or event a green work or art.

6 exotiv living room

7. The retro hallway

You can also create a retro interior using black and white checkers tiles. Just add some artsy retro details and you will have an elegant space that will be perfect for a hallway or living room.

the classy entryway

8. Modern bathroom

You can never go wrong with black and white tiles in your bathroom. This look will make this space more modern and also elegant, so they are perfect for an interior with a retro bathtub.

black and white tiles bathroom 8

9. The elegant entryway

If you are looking for a classy entryway or hallway, pick black & white tiles, especially if you have black wall. This is an elegant match that makes me think of the English class and good taste, simply lovely!

elegant hallway 9

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