7 Splendid ways to decorate your fireplace

Because in the cold season the whole family and all your guests gather around the coziest spot of your home, it’s time to make your fireplace even dreamier than before. So, start decorating it and plan a nice evening at your home.Here are seven splendid ideas for your fireplace:
1. White Christmas

If you want to bring the Christmas spirit into your home, don’t forget to decorate your fireplace too. Hang cute socks and add deco objects in shape of presents. Also, pick neutral colors to give a classy touch to your interior.


2. Cozy spot

Make your favorite spot of your home next to the fireplace by adding a cool chair or ottoman where you can sit and just relax or read. Also, decorate your fireplace with inspiring deco objects such as framed photos, vases with flowers or cool artistic pieces.


3. Holiday spirit

Make your fireplace Santa’s favorite spot by adding a cool painting of a dear, small Christmas trees and cute holiday decorations with themed messages. Also, pick neutral colors to make this space classy and modern.


4. Vintage details

An old and beautiful fireplace can be painted in white for a more modern vibe. But, because of its elegant design, you can match it with retro elements such as golden mirrors, vintage deco pieces, big candlesticks and velvet armchairs.


5. Furry accents

Cozy deco objects such as furry rug or a pillow go great next to a fireplace. Also, to make the space even cozier, decorate your fireplace with pretty lights and match them with a small Christmas tree.


6. Minimal details

This minimal and modern fireplace will go great with just a few creative deco objects. Pick an artistic image to add or hang on top of it and, also, pick minimal vases filled with stylish branches.


7. White and green

If you have a stylish fireplace, decorate it with lots of green plants. Also, add candlesticks and neutral candles in different sizes. The whole space will look very elegant and your guest will love it!


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  1. Yes,it isn’t red but it is christmas. It is so sober and subtle. As if the silence is talking! It is just so soothing and elegant.
    This place of the house has to be good specially when we have to spend a good amount of family time here.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂