6 Office ideas for small apartments


An office is not an impossible dream if you have a tiny apartment. There are lots of great ways to improvise an office space and also make it really dreamy. Here are 6 splendid ideas for you:

1. Add an office in your bedroom library

You can make a two in one bookcase in your bedroom using a shelf as a small home library and also an office space. That’s a really smart idea, and to make the space seem bigger, add also a mirror next to your small office and choose a neutral color for the walls.


2. Make your office in the bookshelf of your living room

Why not place the office in your living room, next to your sofa. You can integrate it in your bookcase and save a lot of space in this interior. Match it with your shelfs, books and decorations and your room will seem lovely and very well put-together.



3. Create an office space in a corner of your home

I’m sure that you have a corner in your apartment with no actual purpose, so that’s the ideal space to transform in an office. Decorate the wall with quotes and photos and add a wall lamp. Also pick a tiny, yet dreamy desk, cute deco items and start your day by working from home.


4. Place an office next to your bed

You can also fit an office next to your bed; just replace the nightstand with a small and glam desk. Add a statement mirror, books, a lamp, photos and a cute vase so that everything will seem like a normal bedroom and not an actual office space.


5. Make an office at the end of a nook

If you have a dreamy nook in your home, add next to it a matching office. Pick neutral colors and add also plants, books, magazines and a cozy cover so that all the space will seem very relaxing.


6. Incorporate an office in a hallway shelf

Make an office in your hallway and place it next to your picture gallery, everything will seem really well put together and you will have two dreamy spaces in one place.


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  1. I’m a total sucker for office/stationery themed blog posts, so I was so excited when I saw this! Loved this post — I’m a minimalist at heart, so have a soft spot for anything in white/neutral tones. The idea of creating an office space in a corner of your home is great, as not only does it use up empty space and give it purpose, but you then have the added enjoyment of designing it. I love the circle mirror in the bedside office picture!