Video Game Room Ideas That Reach a Higher Level

 Whether you’re a writer or a home business owner, you would probably like to set aside a dedicated study to help you channel your chosen role.

It would be the same if you were an athlete or dancer. A dedicated home gym or dance floor would be justified. What if you’re a committed video game enthusiast, though? Don’t you get a dedicated environment that reflects the way you feel about the game, one that helps you achieve your best?


Many gamers do far more for their gaming than to set a dark corner in their bedroom up with a gaming TV for the activity. They completely turn a bedroom into a video game environment that helps them perform better. If the idea appeals, you should know that it’s possible to build one on nearly any kind of budget.


The studious gamer’s den


You couldn’t expect to do well at boxing, swimming or bodybuilding if you didn’t read a library’s worth of books on your sport of choice. It is no different with video games. Hundreds of books on bookstore shelves help gamers learn better strategy, and serious players put a vast collection together over time.

A beautifully designed gaming lair built around bookshelves full of serious gaming books describing strategies, biographies and philosophies, can be a great way to show your systematic approach to wining in your sport of choice.


A monument to your favorite game


With any regular sport, there are only so many different kinds. When it comes to video games, however, each title is its own world, and requires its own set of skills. You can’t practice for years on Minecraft and expect to do well on Portal, for example.

Once you pick the game, you need to throw yourself into it to be able to build a set of skills. When you have a game that you’re going all the way with, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to build a room around the theme.


A room dedicated to Minecraft or Need for Speed can be an exciting thing. You can go as far as you want. Portal fans use infinity mirrors to create endless, portal-like holes in their walls, Tetris fans design furniture that look as if they are built of those blocks.


Thegaming museum


Some people don’t just love what games can do now; they love everything about gaming, including the history that gave rise to the sport in its modern form. A room decorated with pinball machines and other wonderful gaming artifacts from the past can make for a classic effect.


Finally there is the psychedelic gaming environment


Creative use of lighting effects can be one of the most cost-effective ways of redoing a room. If your budget won’t permit a full makeover, all you need to do is to invest in every kind of psychedelic lighting that you can think of — everything from strobes to disco mirror balls, black light and lasers. It won’t cost much, and your room will never lack for excitement.

Cameron Parkinson is a gamer who has a dream of being able to give up his day-job at the computer store to become a full time streamer. Until that happens he shares his knowledge, and passion, in his articles.

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