Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

The Scandinavian bedroom is the most popular one in this cold season. It’s cozy, neutral, it can match any other room in an open space. Also, you can never get bored by looking at it! So, if you also want a Scandi bedroom here are 10 items you must have in this room:Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

1. A dreamy bed

The bed is the main attraction of your Scandi bedroom so pick a minimalistic and comfy one and start decorating it! Pick fun pillows, a furry or cozy cover and neutral sheets. Also, don’t forget, everything that surrounds your bed has to be also minimalistic and pretty.

Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

2. A wall full of framed pictures

Surround the top of your bed with cool artistic frames. Pick art works, sketches or just frame your favorite black & white pictures. Pick frames in different neutral shades and also pick different sizes to make the wall really look great.

Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

3. A cool nighstand

The nightstand is a very important deco object in your Scandinavian bedroom. Pick one in a unique shape or pick a cool small chair that can serve as a cool nightstand. Pick wood, marble or a one with metallic details and your bedroom will look really trendy!

Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

4. A furry rug

From a printed rug, to one with black and white stripes, you have to decorate your Scandi bedroom with a cozy piece like this. Our favorite is the furry rug in beige, grey or white that really adds personality to a space.


5. A creative clothing rack

Use your imagination and make a clothing rack out of anything as long as it’s really creative. Hang your favorite clothes and make your room even dreamier.

Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

6. A cozy cover

You need a cozy cover for your bed, especially on this cold season. Pick a knitted one or one made of soft wool and your beroom will look amazing. Don’t forget to pick neutral shades that will match your bedroom.


7. Inspiring pillows

Make a cool pillow mix on top of your bed. You can pick adorable prints such as black and white dots and mix them with neutral pillows, furry pillows, jungle prints or the ones with an abstract art item printed on them.

Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

8. A stylish lamp

You will need a cool lamp to add on your nightstand. It will help you catch up with your daily reading and it will also make the room looking really cool. Pick one with a modern or creative shape and you will fall in love with it.

Top 10 things you need for a Scandinavian bedroom

9. A beautiful statement mirror

A statement mirror will look great next to a neutral wall. Pick one with a neutral or metallic frame and add next to it pretty artistic frames. Besides looking dreamy your room will even seem bigger and brighter.


10. A fairy tale bench

At the end of your Scandinavian bed, add a cool wooden bench and the whole room will look really dreamy! Decorate it with a furry cover, magazines and books and you will love this extra cool space.


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