7 Tips to style a bedroom

Your bedroom is the space where you dream, work and plan your life. It has to be beautiful and also really stylish. Moreover, it’s usually the room that becomes your favorite in your home. To help you out decorate the space of your dreams.

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7 Tips to style a bedroom

1. Picking the colors

A neutral color tone is the perfect one for your bedroom. Besides being very stylish, is also relaxing and will help you have a good night sleep. So think powder pink, baby blue, soft green, grey, white or beige. Also, you can make contrast with these shades using darker tones like dark blue or grey.


2. Choosing curtains

When choosing your bedroom curtains you must think of a model which really makes the place darker. Because the darker your bedroom is, the better so sleep. Also, a dark grey curtains or a black one, will create magic in a grey, pink or white bedroom.


3. Making the bed the key element

Your bed has to be the key elements of your bedroom. It will dictate the style of your bedroom so it has to define you completely! Also, it’s important to have a good lining in a good color that will match the walls and of course to be very comfy, so that you will sleep perfectly.


4. How to mix patterns

The sheets, the pillows and covers give style to any bedroom, so, you at least have to make sure they match. It’s better to pick white sheets and after that give color to the bed by adding printed pillows or an extravagant bed cover. Choose stripes if you want a chic bedroom, flowers if you want a retro and feminine room or even abstract art if you have a minimal interior.


5. Adding plants

The most popular bedrooms right now are the Scandinavian and the boho type and they both looks really good with green plans. So, you should try this trick too! They are fresh, they look super-cool and they will give your whole apartment a more eco look.


6. Additional furniture

When styling a bedroom you need to pay a lot of attention in which kind of nightstands you choose. For an eclectic room pick a round one or a small wooden chair. For a more glam bedroom pick a small white nightstand with a drawer, it will be very practical and you get to store a lot of reading material and small deco items. And for a trendy room, pick a metallic one, silver looks amazing in grey bedrooms and gold in white spaces.


7. Making it dreamy

If you want to make your bedroom stylish, cool and dreamy add a bench that will match your bed and the style of your room. This cute element will make your bed seem bigger and you will have additional space to sit or to add objects such as pillows, books or candles.


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  1. Thank you for the great tips. My husband and I just moved into a new home and I have been looking for some help decorating my bedroom. You mentioned that you should pick relaxing colors, to help you sleep well. I’d love to pick a theme that represents night, perhaps I could decorate my room with some cool lanterns. I’ll have to find some dark colored lanterns online.

  2. I like that you mentioned that a neutral color scheme is both stylish and relaxing. It would be nice to be able to sleep easily in our room. We are in the process of redecorating, and we are trying to figure our bedroom out. I will be sure to look into some neutral color schemes.

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