How to decorate your home if you’re a Virgo

Classic and tasteful, a Virgo’s home will be a versatile and neutral space where anybody can imagine living in. Also, being a perfectionist sign, a Virgo’s home will be well organized and always clean. So here are our suggestions for a minimal home like the one this zodiac sign would wish for:

virgo space cover 2


Think about a neutral color palette that features a lot of black and white, grey, Earth tones and just a touch of green. Still, in any home you need a touch of color so in this case you can add color by putting vases with fresh flowers, cool books or albums or some fun pictures of friends.

What to have

Everything in a Virgo’s home has to be practical and serve a purpose. They don’t like useless stuff or things that can seem to become clutter. For them the decorative objects are framed pictures or memories that can hang on the wall without needing too much space. So, instead of an art objects, they will invest in a practical object like a lamp or mirror or a piece of furniture like a cool sofa. Also, forget about the flashy objects and think classic and versatile.

What they love

Order, order and a lot of order that you can find that especially in the kitchen. Also, you will see a well organized wardrobe, arranged by size and color and some cool objects to with make a minimal space really stand out. Let’s not forget that the space in which a Virgo lives has to seem relaxed and have a Zen feeling. For this kind of space you can also add a lot of green plants.

Here is the dream home for a Virgo:

Living room

virgo living room


virgo bedroom


virgo office


virgo closet


virgo kitchen


virgo bathroom


virgo balcony


virgo entryway


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