9 Desks that make you want back to school

You’re soon getting back to school and it’s time to redecorate your desk and prepare it for lots of days and nights of studying. Be creative, personalize this space and transform it into a corner of your bedroom you will really love to sit and learn. Here are three ideas that you will love for sure:

White mood

The white desk is the most popular one of all and it goes great with a Scandinavian bedroom, a masculine room or a super stylish space. Also, because white creates the illusion of a neutral, spacious and clean interior, it’s easier to personalize this type of desk. Pick a cool white chair and a minimal table and personalize the space using lots of framed pictures or inspirational quotes. You can also add flowers, cool fashionable object like a cool hat stander and also a cute blanket that will keep you warm during the cold days.


white desk 2

white desk 1

white desk 3

Pop of color

From pastels to bold colors, if you are a color lover you should pick this kind of desk. For a relaxing space mix neutral shades with pastel colors and for a space that will remind you of a vacation pick blue or turquoise. A colorful chair, lamp, cabinet or pillow can be one of the elements that can give a touch of color to your study space and get you in a happier mood.


pastel study desk

pop of color 3

Get creative

It’s time to get creative and really personalize your desk! If you are an artist, literature lover or you love drawing while learning this is the kind of space you need. For a moody and cozy space add some cute light on top of your desk and also decorate it with painting and framed pictures of you and your friends. Pick cool chairs and mix them with printed pillow, you will feel very good and comfortable. Also, you can add a board on top of your desk where you can pin must-do lists, memories and photos. All you need is a lot of inspiration!

creative desk 1

cretive desk 2

cretive desk 3


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