7 Surreal black bathrooms that will bring magic into your home

If you are seeking for elegance and mystery and also a magical place to relax in, a black bathroom is the perfect choice for your dreamy home. To help you get in a magic mood, I gathered seven bathrooms that will serve as the perfect inspiration:

1. Spa feeling

Because black can bring intimacy and mystery into a room is also perfect for a bathroom inspired from the design of a Spa. So start a day full of relaxation!

spa vibe black bathroom

2. A minimal approach

Cool light bulbs can bring a modern touch into a black bathroom. Also, choose high-end bathroom utensils and patterned tiles for a very chic look.

minimal black bathroom

3. Artistic mood

You can place dreamy paintings into a black bathroom and transform the whole space into an artsy room. Also, you can add shelves with cute deco object to make this space even more beautiful.

arty black bathroom

4. Cozy day

You can mix black tiles with wooden elements for a cozy bathroom. You can also add candles near the bathtub and also cute lights around the room to make a great atmosphere in this space.

cozy black bathroom

5. Exotic influences

You can also bring an exotic vibe into a black bathroom. It’s very simple, just choose an ethno rug, add tribal inspired elements on a black wall and don’t forget to place in one corner an exotic plant to create a fresh vibe in this lovely interior.

exotic black bathroom

6. Golden details

Gold means luxury and gold and black mix perfectly and are a synonym for an elegant and rich space. In this bathroom you can also add a cute chandelier and some dreamy candles. This space will be perfect for a long and relaxing bath. Just sit and enjoy!

golden detai black bathroom

7. Retro moment

Add retro paintings and golden elements to bring a vintage mood into a black bathroom. The whole space will look more as a boudoir than a bathroom and you will love to sit here and put on some make-up. So lovely!

retro balck bathroom

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