7 Dreamy tips to incorporate a mannequin into your home

If you want to make your home more stylish or add a creative touch, pick a retro mannequin that you can style as many times as you wish. It works for both retro and modern homes and it will make you feel more creative day by day. So, here are seven tips for your dreamy home:


1. Next to a sideboard

A classy mannequin will look really fancy next to an elegant sideboard. There you can make a small bar and create an atmosphere such as in the ”The Great Gatsby” movie. Or, another good idea is to add your favorite shoes and jewelry next to it. Dreamy, right?


2. In a vintage office

This mannequin fits perfectly in this vintage office that can also be a great place to keep you cosmetic and do your make-up. I really love this setup because it reminds me of a beautiful old movie, so if you love a retro deco, this corner would be perfect for you.


3. Next to a cute cabinet

You can fancy up a mannequin with jewelry and a hat and add it next to a cute golden cabinet filled with accessories. This corner would be perfect for a glam living room or a girly bedroom.


4. In a corner

This idea will glam up the corner of your bedroom or living room. You can change the outfit as often as you want to give a fresh vibe to the space and add next to it shabby and neutral furniture.


5. Next to a rack

The easiest way to incorporate a mannequin into your home is by placing it next to your bedroom rack. The whole setup will look like a cool closet worthy of a true fashionista.


6. Along a photo board

A black mannequin will work wonders next to a photo board filled with black and white memories. The whole setup will be perfect for your hallway, bedroom or living room and will make this kind of space more stylish.


7. In a shabby bedroom

Last but not least, you can add a mannequin or two next to your bed to create a boudoir feeling into this room. Moreover, the mannequins will go great with girly deco objects and cute shabby furniture to create a dreamy interior.


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