5 Ideas for an outstanding gallery wall

If you are back from vacation and rearranging your living room, bedroom or office or you just want to make a new office space just in time for school or University here are some themed ideas. Think about you passions and hobbies and start mixing different sizes and models of frames. So here are five ways to get creative:

framed wall cover 2

1. Travel

If you love to travel this is the kind of wall you should pick. Add pictures of your favorite cities and mix them with photograph of you travelling, with maps and other things that inspire travel. This kind of wall will make you feel always on vacation and will fill your home with positive memories.

What a great way to display your travel experiences! A travel-themed gallery wall... with a DIY Instagram Photo Frame tutorial too! www.livelaughrowe.com

travel gallery wall 1

2. Fashion

If you work in fashion or if you just love this domain a lot, this is the kind of wall you have to have. Pick a chromatic like black and white and pick or white and gold and just start by picking pictures or sketches from your favorite designers and mix them with beauty products or cute logos.

fashion gallery wall 1

fashion wall 2

3. Black and white

This is the kind of wall that’s perfect for people who really love black and white and aren’t such big fans of colors. Also, this is a great idea for people who love a minimalistic or Scandinavian type of decor and they want a very chic home. Pick quotes, photos and black and white pictures of celebrities and you will have a dreamy gallery wall.
desk gallery 2

black and white framed wall

4. Abstract art

Maybe you love art, maybe you an artist or maybe you love an abstract and unusual mix. If so, this is the kind of gallery wall you need to have in your home. Choose photographs you really love, images that make you think or simple things that you sow and that inspired you.

abstract art wall 1

abstract art wall 2

5. The perfect mix

If you can’t decide on a theme or if you like too many of them, pick a mixed wall where you can combine: fashion, abstract art, fruit pictures, animal photos and other gorgeous stuff to fill your wall with. Pick frames in different sizes, but pick the same color like white or black and start mixing up the photos in a cool chromatic.

mixed frame wall 1

The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer

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  1. My daughter had a Barbie calendar with the coolest fashion watercolors. It was very artsy, and I always meant to cut out the pictures and frame them in a gallery arrangement. Barbie has timeless chic.

  2. Awesome post with some great tips! So many options with gallery walls, but you’ve shown how to make sure it looks good.

    Have you checked out Art By Hue (http://www.artbyhue.com) as a tool for finding prints to use? The color search option makes it easy to find pieces with the exact color your looking for and gives a bunch of results to pick from since it searches across many sites.

    Keep the great posts coming!