4 Rules on how to mix kitchen chairs

The first moment when I sow mixed kitchen chairs was in the ”’Friends” TV show and I really loved it! After that I started noticing this eclectic trend on different bars and restaurants and thought that I will also want to try this cool deco idea for my dream kitchen.

But what is it with mismatching that we love so much? Well, let’s see. This kind of kitchen will be more original, different and will reflect your personality. Moreover, you can easily add shape, color or texture and create a great twist to this kind of space. So, before you start mixing cool kitchen chair ( you can find cool ones on www.interiorsecrets.com.au ), you should take note about some rules to have, in the end, the perfect arrangement. Here they are:

dining chairs

1. Heights:

When picking the chairs, event thought they are in different colors or shapes, they have to be about the same height. This is an important rule not only visual but also for sitting. You don’t want your guest to sit at different heights at a table, it will be very weird.

mixed kitchen chairs

mixed chairs in same shape

2. Colors

If you pick chairs in different shades and colors you have to at least match them in terms of shape or model. In this way your whole kitchen space will really have consistency and it will look pretty dreamy! Also, a bold color goes great for polished old chairs or classic chairs; it will give a modern vibe to your kitchen.

mixed chairs

colorful chairs

3. Mix new and vintage chairs

You can mix classic chairs with industrial chairs for a very chic mix; pick neutral shades and your kitchen will look just great! Another way in which you can mix this type of chairs is picking vintage armchairs and place it at the end of the table and also mix them with cool and simple new chairs.

mixed dining chairs

new and vintage chairs 2


4. Pair them

When mixing new chairs you have to have at least two of the same model to emphasize the idea of unity. Also, you can be more daring and start mixing up the type of chairs, and for example you can pick: two dining armchairs, three dining side chairs and two dining stools chairs. The whole ensemble will look lovely, especially if you pick the same shades.

paired dining chairs

paired chairs

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