Dreamy industrial loft in Sag Harbor

A gorgeous loft done by Decor Aid in Sag Harbour. It is actually a former factory that was transformed in cozy home  while maintaining the industrial feel for the space with low up keep.

They opted to maintain the original beams, brick walls, and archways, but added more refined pieces to give the space more sophistication.

Sag Harbor living room

The living room has a very lounge like feel.

Sag Harbor entry

Sag Harbor bedroom

The master bedroom features a custom made headboard and sleek furniture pieces were chosen to keep it looking sharp.

Sag Harbor kitchen

They went with  minimalist kitchen to keep everything streamlined. The Restoration Hardware dining table incorporates industrial art in a modern kitchen.

sag harbor bathroom

Decor Aid & Rue Magazine

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  1. Oh wow! This is absolutely beautiful! I’ve just spent a bit of time looking at monochromatic interiors, so when I saw this post I was instantly drawn to it because of how warm this home is with the wood they’ve used and the exposed red brick. I absolutely love it – it feels very solid and hard to the touch (I imagine) but also soft and inviting enough to make it feel like a proper family home too. Great to see, thankyou!