7 All white spaces you will lust for

You can never go wrong with an all white interior. Especially, if you are an organizing maniac, a control freak or an obsessive compulsive cleaner, this is the perfect space for you. From a relaxing bedroom to a dreamy white closet, here are eight ideas for a home to lust for:

7 All white spaces you will lust for

1. Sweet dreams

Imagine sleeping in this perfect bed, it would be amazing right? Yes, an all white bedroom will bring you peace, calmness and it will wish you sweet dreams! Decorate your dreamy bed with lots of white pillows, candles and lamps for a perfect scenario.

all white bedroom 1

2. Scandinavian bedroom

You have to love a white floor for your bedroom and hallway, they make any room look even more spacious! Also, I love of the artsy framed pictured hanged next to the perfect white bed, that give the whole interior a very creative vibe.

7 All white spaces you will lust for

3. The white game

With a white living room like this one you will never consider this space messy or full of cluster. Everything seems so clean and neat that you will love entertaining your guest here.

7 All white spaces you will lust for


4. The perfect kitchen

White cool chairs, the perfect round table and some white cabinets is all your need for a kitchen that needs to look clean and spacious. Here you can serve lunch or dinner or just sit all day around cooking and talking with your friends. Very relaxing!

7 All white spaces you will lust for

5. White moments

White goes great with silver accents, and together they create a perfect bathroom scenario. So, pick white cabinets, silver mirrors and create a stylish space where you can just sit and relax.

7 All white spaces you will lust for

6. Home spa

This perfect white bath looks exactly like a home spa. The single pop of color you need is the one from green plants that will give you the vibe you are having a bath in the nature. Just dreamy!

white bathroom

7. The dream closet

If you want a walk in closet that would look even more spacious, paint it in white! Decorate it with a cozy bench, a beautiful white sofa and lots of white cabinets for your clothes and accessories.

7 All white spaces you will lust for

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  1. Nice post! Thanks for sharing wonderful information about the perfect white space for a relaxing living space. All the given ideas are really valuable to add white touch to your home with dream closet, perfect kitchen, bedroom flooring and a lot more.

  2. I love the chunky throw in the very first pic, It adds texture, dimension, and color without getting too far away from the white palate. I know these throws can be DIYed, any good sources on where/how to make them? TIA!

    1. I make these throws using Size 20mm needles and three balls of super chunky yarn knitted together. Makes my hands hurt after a while, but great effect. Maybe easier to make smaller pieces and then sew them together.

  3. They’re all so gorgeous but i know full well that with 2 black cats, a very messy boyfriend and being super clumsy myself, if we tried doing something like that it would look like a disaster zone within twenty minutes!


  5. Lots of lovely white ideas – but No 3 looks like it has been spray painted white – so unreal. I have the urge to paint something blue!!