10 Ravishing boho spaces that will make you dream


Let’s start a design fairytale starring the prettiest boho spaces of them all. From bedrooms that will make you dream often to hippie and relaxing living rooms, all this ideas will make you wish to redecorate your home in a ravishing way.boho space cover 1

1. Sparkle!

White and green is a great boho for a peaceful and boho interior. Pick a white bed and a white rug and decorate your room with a lot of green plants. To add glam to the room pick design elements like pillows and covers with sequins and embroidery.

dreamy boho bedroom 1

2. Color me up!

This boho space is really extravagant and features a lot of mixed prints, colors and art object. Don’t forget the big plants that make this space looking like an exotic jungle.

colorful boho room

3. Exotic feeling

I love this relaxing bed and a boho design surrounded by a brick wall. Mix plants, prints a lot of textures for an eclectic and boho space that will definitely stand out.

boho and exotic space

4. Pretty lights

This boho bed and sheets work great with lights and a sheer cover up that will make this space look really dreamy. To continue this pretty tale adds next to the bed old books and scented candles.

boho bed

5. Dreamy boudoir

This space is a dream come true for any girl who loves hair&make-up. Add golden furniture, candles and a fancy chair and you will have a beautiful boudoir to sit and get pretty all day long.

the boho desk

6. The lovely desk

Decorate your desk in a more hippie way adding flowers on top of it and making small shelves for your boho accessories. Also, decorate it with motivational quotes placed in pretty frames. 

boho desk

7.  The dream kitchen

To make a kitchen more boho add a Moroccan rug and a dreamy bench with printed pillows. Also, mix chairs, glasses and plates in a cute and colorful way to make this space relaxed and original.

boho kitchen

8. Boho and green

When you choose to create a green space in your dreamy home, the boho decor trend is perfect for this mix. Combine wooden furniture with plants, a green lantern and rugs in oriental prints.

green boho design

9. Enjoy the outdoor space!

Make a green outdoor space next to a brick wall and decorate it with lots of prints to make it more bohemian. Also, choose raffia furniture and focus on a cool color contrast such as green, blue and brown. Don’t forget the dreamy lights that can surround this dreamy space like it’s a fairytale.

boho outdoor space


10. The boho nursery

Make a cute boho nursery picking green wallpaper with and exotic prints and adding golden elements such as a chest or a lamp. Add also a fancy bouncing chair with a wild cover on top of it. Dreamy, right?

boho nursery



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  1. I love the oriental lifestyle. The cute boho pattern and the mystic fancywork. It looks really cool when you have a modern most white flat with special oriental details. The most I love it are the colorful lamps from metal and glas. They make amazing light and arcane shadows on the wall. These Lamps are all unique. You will not find two which look completely the same. One more must-have for a boho interior are these cute, big pads you put them on the floor instead of chairs in the living room.

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