9 dreamy chandeliers that will make your room a fairytale

‘’Shine bright like a diamond’’ is the lyric I’ll think about when picking out the perfect chandeliers for my living space. From unexpected pieces to the sparkling and luxurious ones, here are my top picks for a dreamy chandelier.

 1. The cool factor

Here is a very unexpected chandelier that will make your room look very personal. It will go great with other funky deco objects like metallic chairs or unique art objects.

cool chandelier 1


2. The shabby look

These vintage looking chandeliers are perfect for a shabby room. They will light up the room and create an atmosphere worthy of a fairy tale.

shabby chandelier 2


3. Like a vintage jewel

The beautiful chandelier is perfect for a neutral room. It’s simple, but also glam and can represent the centerpiece of you bedroom.

vintage chandelier 3


4. La vie en rose

Look at this dreamy piece, isn’t it amazing? It’s perfect for a girly room, a boudoir lookalike bedroom or for any kind of space you want to glam up, just dreamy!

rose chandelier 4


5. The fun white

Did you ever imagine a dreamy chandelier in your kitchen? You can choose a special model, like this white one, that can match your kitchen furniture.

white chandelier 5


6. The globe

Check out this surreal chandelier that’s perfect for any kind of room. The shape looks really nice and it will be considered a great design object. I will be ideal for your living room or kitchen.

globe chandelier 6


7. The rectangle

This chandelier will look great for a long table like the one in your kitchen or living room. The shape is so unexpected that your entire guests will just stare at it.

rectangle chandelier 7


8. Retro vibe

If you love the classic or retro design for your home, this type of chandelier is perfect for you. Simple, yet shabby, this deco piece will make your room look more stylish than before.

retro chandelier 8


9. Tear drops

This piece is just amazing! It will make any room unique and it will give a futuristic touch the whole living space. So dreamy!

tear drop chandelier 9


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