8 Splendid vintage rooms

Are you nostalgic about the beautiful rooms from the past? You can customize your home with cute vintage pieces that will give your space a retro vibe. Here are eight rooms that will inspire you in making your living space even dreamier.

8 Slendid vintage rooms


1. Princess bedroom

This bedroom is very girly and simply dreamy! I love the metallic bed and the puffy chandelier that make this room look like the one in a fairy tale. Also, I’m in love with the dreamy nook next to the window and the retro telephone.

8 Slendid vintage rooms


2. The study room

This is a great study room for all vintage lovers. The bookshelf is a great furniture pieces and also I love every floral detail that surrounds it. This will be the perfect place for you to read, study or do projects for work.

8 Slendid vintage rooms

3. Country side kitchen

This is a lovely space for a spring lunch with all your friends. Also, it’s perfect for a country side house or for your vacation villa. The pastel colors, the wood elements and the lavender details create the perfect vintage mix.

8 Slendid vintage rooms

4. The retro bath

I would love taking a love bath in a room like this. The vintage curtain is the perfect deco piece for this retro tub and also gives an elegant and relaxing vibe to the whole interior.

8 Slendid vintage rooms

5. Vintage extravaganza

This interior is truly bold! It’s perfect for all the persons who love the floral print and the bright colors. The vintage frames, the chandelier and the printed armchairs go really great together and the whole room looks like a beautiful museum.

8 Slendid vintage rooms

6. The nursery

This room is a nursery but also a boudoir. It has French vintage inspire elements that make the whole interior look just dreamy!

8 Slendid vintage rooms

7. 50’ housewife inspired kitchen

If you love to cook all day, this dreamy kitchen will be perfect for you. Besides the cooking utilities, this room has a lot of art pieces that will make you think you’re in a museum. Moreover, the color palette of the room gives it a calm and warm feeling.

8 splendid vintage rooms

8. Pink&blue dreams

The wall, the colors, and the curtains give this room a beautiful retro vibe. I love the blue armchairs and pink flowers that add color to this great interior.

8 Slendid vintage rooms


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